Our Story

It all began with a love of all things flowers, appreciating the unparalleled beauty of the most divine creatures… Whether it be the colorful Daffodils of Spring, the Dancing Dandelions of Summer or the delicate Dahlias of Fall, all invoked a passion that is Monteray Farms.

My first shop was in a small historic meat house on my family’s farm, where I played with flowers as a hobby, in the late 80s, until I took a leap of faith and opened Monteray Farm’s Flowers and Gifts, named after our family’s farm. We quickly became a place of interest, offering unique gifts and floral designs, being the only brick and mortar shop that guaranteed their floral products.

One might have thought I was a fool for doing so, but I opened Monteray Farms on Friday, October 13th, 1999. However, we met our five year business plan and left the main street town to return to the farm, praying our established clientele would follow and they did.

Back at the farm, we eliminated our gift shop and reduced our every day services so that we could focus on our weddings and events, adding another hat “Flower Farmer”. Seasonally, the farm produces a lot of the flowers used in our designs, which we expand on each year.

In 2020 we amended our services once more to accommodate our growing weddings and events business while continuing to offer the freshest designs to our treasured clients through our new “Floral Subscription” programs, limiting our “everyday floral requests” to Tuesday – Thursday.